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Medical Marijuana Cards in Hawaii

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Fast and Simple Hawaii Dispensary Cards

NOTE: We are prohibited from using the word ‘Medical ********’ so we do not use that word on our site. WE DO NOT PROMOTE ILLEGAL DRUGS. We make it simple to get your Hawaii Dispensary Card. We are focused on the patient and offer a courteous and confidential service provided by a Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN-RX) with prescriptive authority.


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Getting my Hawaii dispensary card made me nervous because I didn’t want anyone judging me but Ivy’s openness and kindness made me feel so relaxed!
— Linda L.
I was so confused by all the forms and rules so I decided to get some help. They filled out the paperwork for me and I should get my card soon.
— David H.
My appointment was so easy to schedule and the whole thing took less than hour! Thank you so much!!
— Trish J.



We will treat you with respect and dignity.  Your time is valuable so we will work quickly and efficiently to get your Hawaii dispensary card.



About Me


I am an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse on Maui.  I diagnose and treat patients with all sorts of illnesses from simple flu symptoms to more complicated diseases.  I have certified many patients on Oahu and Maui.

Who Can Get A Card?

There are 12 different conditions that qualify for a Hawaii Dispensary Card.  The most common condition that cards are issued for is chronic pain.  If you have a condition that causes chronic pain or nausea you will qualify.  See the Department of Health's website here for more information on exactly which conditions are currently accepted.

Can visitors to Hawaii be certified?  Hawaii passed HB2729 recently and the Governor is expected to sign it.  This law puts a system in place to allow patients to access Hawaii’s dispensaries if they have a Dispensary Card from their home state.  

How Much Does it Cost and How Long Does it Take?

A Hawaii Dispensary Card has two separate fees.  The first fee is $38.50 paid to the State of Hawaii and the second fee is $150 paid to person or organization that certifies you.  Most providers charge about the same for initial certifications.  Renewal fees however are not very standardized as some providers charge $150 while CertiCann charges just $75 to renew your card.

Your consultation usually takes 30 minutes.  Once it's completed your application is sent electronically to the Department of Health and you can expect your Hawaii Dispensary Card in 2 weeks.  The card is valid for one year and will give you access to any dispensary in Hawaii.

Misc. Questions

  • Do I need a Hawaii Drivers License or State ID to get certified? No you do not but you do need to have a local address to receive your card at because it's mailed to you.

  • How long does it take to get my card? Cards take 4-6 weeks to receive and are mailed directly to you by the Hawaii Department of Health.