Frequently Asked Questions

1)  How Can I Qualify to Use Medical Marijuana?

The Hawaii Department of Health permits patients with a qualified debilitating medical condition to request certification to use medical marijuana to treat their condition.  Qualifying conditions include:

Severe Pain

Severe Nausea


Severe and Persistent Muscle Spasms







Multiple Sclerosis

Rheumatoid Arthritis

NOTE:  If you have not yet seen your doctor to be diagnosed for your medical issue you must do that first and we can help you to do that.

2)  If you have one of these conditions your First Step is to register for a free account on the State of Hawaii website

3)  Once you've registered on the Second Step is to then use that registration information (Username and Password) to register on the State of Hawaii Medical Marijuana Registry's website.  Watch this video for help in filling out the form.  NOTE:  Fill out your name EXACTLY as it appears on your Drivers License or State ID.

4)  Can you help me fill out the website forms?  Yes, if filing out the online forms is difficult for you we are here to help and can help you complete the forms during the Third Step which is your scheduled appointment.

5)  Do I need to provide medical records of my qualifying debilitating medical condition at my appointment?  No.  While we encourage you to provide any and all documentation that supports your condition we will review your Medical History Form in order to determine your certification eligibility.

6)  How can I schedule an appointment?  Call or text message (808) 212-8787 to schedule your appointment .  CertiCann will conduct your consultation at your home (house call) or another location that you prefer.  This gives you a convenient and safe way of becoming certified to use Medical Marijuana.

7)  What do I need to have at my appointment?  A valid Drivers License or State ID issued by any State (not just Hawaii) is required and no other forms of ID (e.g., Passport, Military ID) are allowed.  Any medical records supporting your condition are useful but not required.

8)  Do I have to be a Hawaii Resident?  No.  However if approved your Medical Marijuana Registry card will be mailed to the address you indicated during registration.

9)  How much does the appointment cost?  The Certification Fee is $149 and payment is accepted by debit and credit card.

10)  Do you accept insurance?  Unfortunately, insurance does not cover your consultation.

11)  If I'm approved when will I receive my Medical Marijuana Card?  Processing times vary but currently patients are receiving their cards in the mail 5-7 business days after their application is approved.