Hawaii Legislature Decriminalizes Small Amounts

Hawaii Legislature Votes to Decriminalize Small Amounts. The legislature's 2019 session has resulted in the passing of HB1383 and the bill now goes to Governor Ige's desk where he is expected to sign it. What's it do? This bill will decriminalize the possession of cannabis in the amount of 3 grams or less. Basically, once this bill becomes law the punishment for being caught with 3 grams or less of marijuana will mean a civil fine of $130 and that's it. So users that are caught with small amounts may receive a citation instead of a court date and or jail time. This is great news for many in Hawaii; especially younger users who are saddled with a criminal record if they are caught and prosecuted for possession of a small amount of a medicinal plant. While that is certainly progress it has to be said that many of us we were expecting much more out of our legislature this year. Why there was so little movement on marijuana this year is a mystery but I hope that this year galvanizes support for more progressive positions the next time the legislature meets in 2020.

Ivy Lou HibbittComment