Three Ways To Save $$ Buying Medical Cannabis.

It’s well known that the majority of Hawaii’s medical marijuana card holders are patients that are over the age of 60. Our seniors, or Kupuna as we prefer to call them, are often times on a fixed-income meaning there’s not much money once the bills are paid. So how can our Kupuna, and everyone else that’s not rich, save some money when they shop at a dispensary?

Here on Maui we have two dispensaries and one of them, Maui Grown Therapies, is very proactive in promoting their products and giving patients a reason to shop there. The first way you can save money at Maui Grown Therapies is to be a senior citizen or a US military veteran. If you fit into one of those two categories you can save 20% off your purchase every Wednesday so be sure to shop on that day!

The second way you can save money is to sign up for Maui Grown Therapies points program. It’s just like it sounds; every time you make a purchase you earn points that can then be redeemed for a dollar amount of a purchase. Additionally, by signing up for the points program you can opt in to receive text or email notifications of Maui Grown Therapies’ daily sales. An example of this is a sale they are doing this weekend where you can buy 4 cartridges of Live Resin for just $200 which makes each cartridge $50 (regular price is $65-75 per cartridge).

The third way that you can save money at Maui Grown Therapies is to buy a Linx prepaid credit card. These cards are sold inside the dispensary for $100 and up. When you buy a $100 card they waive the $3 activation fee and they give you a bonus of $10 for every $100 you spend! Next time you’re at Maui Grown Therapies check out this card and start saving some money today.