Is 2019 The Year Hawaii Legalizes Recreational Marijuana?

The Hawaii Senate took a very up-front and forward step yesterday during testimony on Senate Bill 686. Twelve Hawaii Senators (that's half the total) signed on their support for the LEGALIZATION of RECREATIONAL marijuana. That's huge. Hawaii's politicians seem to realize that the public wants change and they're willing to stand up and support that change. There remains however one politician who's views on marijuana haven't changed and that's our governor David Ige. If you recall last year he vetoed a measure to add substance abuse treatment to the list of qualifying medical conditions that patients for medical marijuana can qualify for. We can only hope that after a packed first hearing, 260 pages of written testimony, and obvious support from senators representing all parts of our state that the governor will change his stance. Let's make 2019 the year that legal recreational marijuana happens for Hawaii.