Hawaii's Medical Marijuana Patients Reach New High!

Hawaii's Medical Marijuana Patient Numbers Are Growing! At the end of 2018 there were 20,184 which is almost double the total number of patients in 2015. Clearly the opening of Hawaii's first medical marijuana dispensaries in 2016 has contributed to more patients signing up to become certified medical marijuana card holders. Of course Oahu has the largest population group in Hawaii and it now has 9,775 card holders. The Big Island has the second largest group with 6,694. The Big Island has always had a disproportionate amount of medical cards due to the ability of patients to grown their own plants which is difficult for many people to do on Oahu. Chronic Pain remains the top condition that patients qualify for for medical marijuana and muscle spasms are the second largest patient group followed by PTSD. While the number of local patients has climbed to new record levels we expect the implementation of Act 116 allowing visitors to Hawaii to be certified for medical marijuana cards to significantly add to the state's total number of patients. Will we reach 30,000 patients by the end of 2019?