Traveling Between Islands With Medical Cannabis.

Many medical marijuana card holders here in Hawaii were disappointed by the actions of Governor Ige this week when he vetoed House Bill 290 (HB290) which both chambers of the legislature had overwhelmingly approved. HB 290 would have changed State Law to allow medical marijuana card holders to travel on inter-island flights with their medical marijuana. Governor Ige is proving to be very unfriendly and unsympathetic to our state's patients that rely on medical marijuana for their health and this is not the first time he has vetoed a bill that would have helped many Hawaii patients. If he had not vetoed the bill our local patients would be able to carry their medicine between islands. Other states like California, Oregon, and Washington have already passed laws that allow their patients to fly within their states' borders with their medical marijuana. So why is Hawaii different? Well it's not. The only difference is that we have a conservative Governor that is appearing to be more and more out of touch with the realities that Hawaii's medical marijuana card holders live with. Imagine your grandmother lives on Molokai or Lanai and cannot bring home her medical cannabis from a dispensary on Maui or Oahu. The TSA has said that they are not focused on medical marijuana patients and refer to local law enforcement when they find cannabis on a traveller. If TSA says it's a local issue why is Governor Ige not listening?